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Ms McNeill and Ms Hearne accompany 1B on a visit to Sheilbaggan OEC, 1st March 2016

Ms McNeill and Daniel right; Mira, Cara and Alana below

Question:   Whatcha doin' Mikey?
Answer:      Nuthin'...just hangin' ;)

Can you identify the abseilers below???

Christmas 2015 staffroom shenanigans


Gavin and Dustin, 

2nd year JCSP 2015-2016 students, 

working on the School Archives.


Honorary JCSP students, who decorated the Library for the recording of the RTE feature on our school's Giant Christmas Market.

2015 - 2016 3rd year JCSP Reading Programme

Mark reads Killing Pablo by Mark Bowden.  Described as "A tour de force of investigative journalism-Killing Pablo is the story of the violent rise and fall of Pablo Escobar, the head of the Colombian Medellin cocaine cartel. Escobar's criminal empire held a nation of thirty million hostage in a reign of terror that would only end with his death."

RCS's The Walking Dead uber fan Luke reads 'Rise of the Governor' by Robert Kirkman. 

Next in The Governor series are The Road to Woodbury; The Fall of the Governor Part One, and The Fall of the Governor Part Two

Libby and Cian

Brona's and Aoife's masterpiece 

of Bellis Red and Pansy 

Mark, Luke, Filip, Joe Devine, and Jaydee




working hard!

26Km Charity Cycle in aid of our Memorial Garden

Garden of Remembrance launch, Tuesday 30th September 2014

3rd yr JCSP Sept 2014: students' project

September 16th 2014 and the hard work is well underway to get the Memorial Garden into shape in time for the blessing at the end of the month.

On the night of Sept 30th RCS will host its annual Open Night from 6pm to 9pm during which Bishop Brennan will bless the garden in memory of all of our school's deceased past pupils and staff members.


Graduate of 

the Year 2014



2013-2014   2nd year JCSP students 

Conor, Alexandra, Sarah, Keile and Adam with

Executive Chef, International Businessman, Hotelier, TV personality, 

Kevin Dundon.

Our local business magnate, who re-opened 'The Local at Dunbrody' yesterday with the lauch of a new clay pizza oven, made a phenomenal impression on his audience today when he graciously visited RCS to speak to the LCVP students and staff.

Our school JCSP Crest

JCSP Literacy Medley Initiative

Our first 6 Week 

Paired Reading Programme 

began on the 9th October

Maths For Fun 2013-2014: An Early Start to the programme!

Jacques Briel, parent, volunteer, Maths For Fun tutor extraordinaire

Home School Liaison teacher Ms Ann Cadogan, Programme Coordinator, with some of our wonderful 1st year JCSP students

Cian, Alaoisa ,Aoife, Sean and Mrs Clodagh Russell, tutor

JCSP initiative 'Hand Held Gaming Device' continues to make a great impression on us all.   I have seen JCSP students 'learning-eager' many many times, but there's something singularly brilliant about a teaching / learning environment that embraces gaming / numeracy and literacy improvement {Brain Training, Math Training, Sudoku, Word Power and other such games} Thank you to JCSP HQ in Blackrock for making these students VERY happy to do math/logic!

Paired Reading 2013

Sean and Sallye


Maths Games

Sandra and Grainne get acquainted with their Nintendo consoles

JCSP Student of the Year 2012-2013


JCSP Film Studies E7 end of term 2013 project: When A Man Loves A Woman

"The shame is even greater if you are an alcoholic and a woman"

"The film, about Alice's path out of abuse, deals with a young woman who, deeply unsure of her worth, ends up using alcohol as a means of escape"

Click here for more

JCSP Film Studies: Final Film of the Year: When A Man Loves A Woman

Guess what has arrived? 

The parcel containing the Read-A-Thon prizes finally arrived today so you can look forward to pressies tomorrow 30th April 2012 ;)

Cross Curricular Field Trip April 26th 2013 

This Field Trip to The Irish National Heritage Park at Ferrycarig combined three areas of core learning principles of the Programme: Home Economics Learning Targets; History Learning Targets and Behavioural Learning teargets (from the CC section of PROFILES). 

Four RCS girls from Ms Dunne's Home Ec class admiring the corbelled stonework of a Scriptorium cell of the time of the early Christian monks 

This one above is another Portal Tomb that is relatively local to  our school. It is located in Newbawn so it is one we can all readily access (always ask the landowner's permission of course). See  http://stonehunters.webs.com/ for more great information and pictures of historical stones and cairns throughout the south east of Ireland

Inside the Neolithic hut we saw the thatch and wattle weave of wood from trees such as willow, birch, hazel, elm and oak.

Rionagh and Shannon are getting the dinner 

This is a burial chamber whose cap stone weighs approximately three tonnes. 

Bodies were placed in the portal dolmen

(also known as cromlech, anta, H√ľnengrab, Hunebed, quoit), and some dolmens have been found to contain the remains of several bodies. The Portal Dolmen is a type of single-chamber megalithic tomb, usually consisting of three or more upright stones (megaliths) supporting a large flat horizontal capstone (table). Most date from the early Neolithic period (4000 to 3000 BC).

Pre Christian dwelling

an early Christian monk's cell (dwelling)

Students exploring the early christian dwelling enclosure


Tutors and parents Paula Foley Saunders and Mary Carroll with 2nd year JCSP students from left Jacob, Shannon, Chloe, Tara, Hayleigh, Ali, Eoin and Robbie.

Continents and Oceans mov

Grass seed in stockings!

JCSP Health Ed.
Something to think about...

2nd year JCSP Horticulture With Parents pictures


Ian, Clinton and Jacob

Eoin gets 'dug in'

Making St Brigid's Crosses: Tara and Ali with Tutor Jacques

1st year JCSP students Maths For Fun With Parents 2013 pictures click here for album

Trina, with Rachel and Keira

Tutors Jacques, Trina, Caroline and Siobhan with students from 1A

Jacques, with Rebecca Dearbhla Amy and Shane from 1C

Caroline, with Dylan, Jordan and Aaron right foreground 

To Left, Clodagh, with Sinead Alexandra, Aoife and Emma

Background Jacques, with Oisin, Rebecca, Dearbhla, and Amy 

HSCL Maths for Fun Programme Co-ordinator Ms Ann Cadogan, Tutor Caroline, with Oisin, Cillin and Grainne

1st year students - Library

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